Breaking News: EPIC is the winner of Metropolis Magazine’s 2022 Planet Positive Award in the Technology & Tools category.

Read about it at https://metropolismag.com/programs/announcing-the-winners-of-the-2022-metropolis-planet-positive-awards/#technology

The Early Phase Integrated Carbon (EPIC) assessment is a tool built by EHDD to support climate-positive design decisions in early building construction project phases when data is scarce but the potential for carbon reduction is high.

I built the EPIC web application, which has four major components:

  1. Forms for user data input

  2. Backend calculations that convert the data into structured carbon assessments, based on the EPIC’s state-of-the-art data models

  3. Charts and reports that provide clear, digestible, accurate, real-time results

  4. APIs that securely connect these components

For more information about EPIC, see https://epic-documentation.gitbook.io/epic/

EHDD Architects & Designers
Technical Architect and Developer
May 2022
Web Application